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Laparosurgery is led by consultant Krishna Moorthy who is a leading NHS & private laparoscopic surgeon with over 10 years experience in laparoscopic surgery. He leads a multi-specialty team consisting of:

  1. Dr Harvinder Chahal : Consultant Physician specializing in the management of patients with complex obesity, diabetes and other endocrine disorders.
  2. Dr Devinder Bansi : Consultant Gastroenterologist with expertise in the management of complications after bariatric surgery, endoscopic biliary stones and endoscopy for other complex oesophago-gastric conditions.
  3. Dr Samantha Scholtz : Consultant Psychiatrist who specialises in the assessment and counselling of patients undergoing bariatric surgery and in the management of psychological issues after bariatric surgery.
  4. Dr Helgi Johannsson : Consultant Anaesthetist with expertise in all types of anaesthetic techniques and who specialises in anaesthesia for bariatric surgery and for cancers of oesophagus and stomach.
  5. Ms Venetia Wynter-Blyth : Clinical Nurse Specialist with expertise in the management of patients with complex oesophageal and stomach problems.
  6. Ms Christina Prechtl : Specialist Dietician


The team work together to deliver holistic care to all patients undergoing:

  • Obesity surgery (bariatric surgery)
  • Upper gastrointestinal surgery for cancer
  • Advanced laparoscopic surgery for upper gastrointestinal conditions
    such as hiatus hernia, gastro-oesophageal reflux disease and
    swallowing disorders such as oesophageal achalasia

Mr Moorthy also specializes in surgery for all kinds of abdominal wall hernias.


Call now to book an appointment: 02034881082